Nuova alce

Nuova Alce s.r.l., present since 1974, thanks to its reliability and expertise is today one of the most respected systems engineering companies in the ceramics industry, and is proud to be one of the most consolidated partners of leading ceramics companies worldwide.

Nuova Alce is more than just ceramics. For many years, it has regularly collaborated with companies in a range of other sectors, including: iron and steel (foundries/mining), cement, glass, colouring, detergents and pre-mixes;

Thanks to the proven skills of its qualified technical staff, it is able to able to draw up estimates and feasibility studies, perfectly satisfying all system requirements relative to:

  • raw material grinding and classification;
  • raw material ensilage, dosing and mixing;
  • specific customised systems;
  • machinery dedicated to the transport and storage of bulk materials;
  • scrubber systems;
  • industrial dampers;
  • metal carpentry in general.


Nuova Alce Tea’s strength lies in its flexible design and development, freeing the customer of the need to adapt to the limitations of standard machines and sizes, allowing them to opt for customised solutions instead. We believe it is important to welcome and build on our clients’ ideas and requests, challenging ourselves and proposing solutions that may be the first step towards potential expansion in the near future.

research and development

A company without a research and development department, is a company that refuses to look to the future.
Nuova Alce has always believed and heavily invested in this department, equipping itself with the most advanced technological solutions so as to fill market voids and respond to the problems and specific requests of clients, through continuous innovation.
The R&D team at Nuova Alce, in close collaboration with the technical department, production team and on-site workers, never ceases to look for new solutions in order to develop finished products in line with the client’s present and future expectations.