Our plants

The origins of Nuova Alce Tea can be found here, almost forty years ago, when the ceramics industry was on the lookout for new solutions and alternatives, new ideas able to offer continuity and logic to the production process: the storage, transport and general processing of raw, atomised and even coloured materials, are all part of the rich experience cultivated by Nuova Alce Tea over the years.

One of the company’s key strengths is in fact its ability to range from the study of a single machine to an entire production line and even the construction of the supporting structure itself, necessary to install the system.

The growth of its technical and production team, combined with its proximity and first-hand participation in the ceramics world, has allowed Nuova Alce Tea to develop and progressively improve its systems, specifically:

  • receiving, extraction/dosing, transport and crushing of raw materials such as feldspar, kaolin, dolomite and clays in general;
  • ensilage, extraction/dosing, transport and screening of atomised products;
  • dry colouring with continuous mixers, compaction of atomised products and oxide dosing;
  • recovery of powder waste or raw and fired tiles.